Best family cars: TOP-10

In the modern world, a car is no longer a luxury, but a means of transportation that gives a person the opportunity to solve everyday tasks with minimal time and effort. In the automotive market, you can find a variety of car models that satisfy any preferences and target requests of drivers. A family car is one of the most popular categories of vehicles.

In this article, we will talk about how to choose a good family car and offer the TOP family cars that, according to owners and experts, best meet the requirements for this category of transport.

Criteria for choosing a family car


A family car is a car for a family with children, which means that in many ways such a car will differ from just a good car for a comfortable ride.

The most important criteria for choosing a family car:

  1. Safety.

This is a peremptory requirement. The more security systems integrated into a vehicle, the better. At least 6 airbags are recommended, special Isofix child car seat restraints are required, electronic driving assistants, additional protection in the knee area, braking system efficiency, etc.

  1. Reliability.

A reliable family car is a car in which a reliable durable engine, high quality and wear resistance of materials. Such a machine works like a watch, reliably serves in everyday city traffic and on long trips. Even if you are looking for a budget family car, you can find a great option in the lineup of well-known brands whose products are renowned for their impeccable build quality and reliability.

  1. Comfortable and spacious interior.

A comfortable family car is a car that will fit the whole family, and at the same time every passenger will be comfortable. Comfort criteria:

  • ergonomics of the dashboard and the space around the driver;
  • wide rear passenger seats with ample headroom and a high ceiling;
  • the presence of a climate control system that allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin;
  • convenient organization of space (the presence of shelves, pockets where you can store things and various little things that you may need on the road).


  1. Roomy luggage compartment.

Every day, a family car is involved in solving numerous family tasks - from on-duty grocery shopping in a supermarket to transporting the whole family to the sea. A large trunk is needed so that, if necessary, a baby stroller can fit in it, a large number of things on a long trip, etc. The optimal volume of the luggage compartment in a family car is from 400 liters. And it is desirable that this space could be increased by folding rear passenger seats.

  1. Cheap to operate and maintain.

A car that serves not one person, but the whole family, should be as unpretentious in maintenance as possible (reliability, availability of parts for repair, simple engine design). In this case, maintenance and repair will not cost you a lot of money. An important factor is the economical fuel consumption, since in multitasking mode this is the main expense item for a family car.

Family car - which car body type is better?


The best family cars, according to experts and according to the opinions of car owners themselves, are five-door hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons, crossovers and SUVs, compact vans and minivans. In general, it doesn't matter what the name of the car is. The main thing is that it is convenient, safe and comfortable to use.

Let's talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each car body type regarding family use.



Main advantages:

  • good rear visibility (wide glass);
  • a large volume of the luggage compartment, a large opening for loading oversized cargo, the ability to transport bulky and long cargo (folding rear seats);
  • safety due to compact dimensions, wide wheel spacing, high maneuverability;
  • low cost compared to station wagons, sedans of the same brand.


  • poor rear visibility when the luggage compartment is fully loaded;
  • poor sound insulation due to the lack of a partition between the passenger compartment and the trunk;
  • it is impossible to carry many passengers and a large amount of luggage at the same time (the trunk increases due to the rear seats);
  • longer warm-up time in the cold season.




  • large trunk;
  • warm and comfortable interior;
  • increased safety in the event of a rear collision (the trunk acts as an additional protection, and objects from the luggage compartment do not fall into the passenger compartment and cannot injure passengers).


  • limited opportunities in the transportation of goods, especially oversized;
  • limited possibilities of interior transformation.




  • high weight, good stability on the road;
  • voluminous trunk - in terms of spaciousness it competes even with compact vans;
  • transformable salon;
  • wide access for loading bulky luggage.




  • similar to the disadvantages of hatchbacks (poor sound insulation, prolonged warming up in winter, the possibility of objects from the trunk falling into the passenger compartment in a collision).

Crossover and SUV



  • high ground clearance, good cross-country ability - a family car with high ground clearance can easily overcome impassability on a trip out of town, to nature, more comfortable for passengers on long trips and on broken roads;
  • very spacious interior;
  • a lot of space for luggage;
  • the best indicators of safety, endurance and reliability.


  • high fuel consumption (for most models);
  • higher repair and maintenance costs;
  • reduced maneuverability in large representatives of this class.

Compact vans and minivans



  • very spacious interior - ideal for a family with 2 or more children (especially if it is a seven-seater minivan);
  • impressive amount of luggage compartment;
  • great potential for freight traffic;
  • excellent view from all sides.


  • prolonged heating of the cabin in winter;
  • reduced maneuverability compared to any passenger car.

TOP family cars


If you do not know which car to choose for a family, which brands and models can be considered in general, pay attention to our rating of family cars. The TOP-10 of the best “family cars” includes cars that, according to car owners, have all the characteristics for comfortable and safe use in a family with children.

Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan is the best family car for a family that travels a lot. In the design of the car body and interior, the manufacturer adheres to minimalist classics, but otherwise the car has a lot of advantages:

  • spacious interior that easily accommodates 7-8 people;
  • a lot of space for luggage, in addition to suitcases, a stroller or a bicycle can easily fit;
  • comfort;
  • numerous security systems;
  • excellent handling and driving characteristics;
  • compact dimensions, thanks to which the maneuverability of the car is maintained in heavy traffic;
  • excellent off-road performance;
  • the possibility of transforming the seats.

The only downside to the Volkswagen Multivan is the price.


Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 is a modern compact SUV that is perfect for the role of a family car in many ways:

  • numerous electronic options;
  • ergonomic control;
  • multimedia;
  • different configuration options (front and all-wheel drive, gearbox - six-speed mechanics, eight-speed automatic or CVT);
  • economical gasoline engines 2 and 2.5 liters;
  • large trunk, where bulky goods are placed;
  • attachments for two child seats in the rear seat;
  • comfort and dynamics.

View Toyota RAV4


Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai is a universal car that is very popular in the automotive market. It is convenient to maneuver on the city road and go on long country trips. In addition, Nissan Qashqai has other advantages:

  • safety;
  • many active safety systems;
  • climate control;
  • comfortable harness.

View Nissan Qashqai

Mitsubishi Outlander

If you sum up all the reviews about the Outlander and put them in a few words, the result will be the following: Mitsubishi Outlander - large, roomy, off-road and family. This is a fairly recent model, available with a 1.6- and 2.2-liter gasoline engine with an automatic transmission, Jatko continuously variable transmission.

Advantages of this family model:

  • stylish design;
  • cozy spacious interior (a lot of space in the rear passenger row);
  • large luggage compartment;
  • many organizers for storing small things;
  • safety - the highest ratings according to the results of Euro NCAP crash tests.

Cons - the average endurance of the suspension and poor insulation.


Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback has a station wagon car body. This is a spacious car that will be comfortable for all passengers. The luggage compartment will fit everything you need for a family trip.


  • good running characteristics;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • maneuverability;
  • reliable, hardy, durable suspension;
  • automatic transmission;
  • excellent permeability.

The only negative is insufficiently economical fuel consumption in the city.


Hyundai Santa Fe

Bright, comfortable, elegant Hyundai Santa Fe is a great option for a family car. It looks luxurious, and inside it has the most comfortable conditions for both the driver and passengers. The manufacturer paid great attention to safety, used numerous innovative active safety systems.

Other advantages of the model:

  • good power (2.2-liter diesel engine produces 202 hp);
  • obedient in management 8-speed automatic transmission;
  • fuel economy;
  • large trunk volume;
  • minimum emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere;
  • impeccable quality of materials and assembly;

Santa Fe is good for everyday city trips and long distance travel. The owner of such a car needs to be prepared for a fairly costly maintenance.


Ford Kuga

This is a modern, impeccably designed, efficient crossover that is ideal for an active family.

Main advantages:

  • numerous electronic functions that make driving easy and comfortable (adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane control, blind spot monitoring system, etc.);
  • effective lighting;
  • maneuverability;
  • configuration variability (engines - gasoline and turbodiesel with a small volume, high performance and minimal CO2 emissions);
  • all-wheel drive with the ability to disable;
  • smooth automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission (driver's choice);
  • minimizing fuel consumption.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

If you love fast driving and at the same time care about the safety and comfort of your family, then you need a Suzuki Grand Vitara. This is a frisky B-class crossover with a 1.4 and 1.6 liter turbo engine (140 hp)


  • stylish design;
  • the latest active safety systems;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • quality climate control system;
  • reliability, long engine and chassis life;
  • universality (for the city and country trips);
  • simplicity of design;


Volkswagen Touran

This is the ultimate family minivan, available in five-seat and seven-seat versions. Very comfortable and easy to drive, spacious (both interior and luggage compartment), dynamic, but economical in fuel consumption - such a car 100% meets the needs of a large family.


  • excellent visibility from all sides;
  • comfortable interior with the possibility of transformation;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • 6 airbags, availability of ABS, ESP systems;
  • high landing;
  • rich technical content.

The best option for lovers of a quiet ride. The most rational transmission option for operation on our roads is mechanics and automatic transmission.


Ford Focus

A legendary car that has consistently been among the best sellers and has been at the top of the best car ratings since the very start (1998). In more modern generations, the Ford Focus is equipped with numerous automatic traffic control and safety systems (EBA, ABS, ESP, TC, HSA, EBD).


  • reliable system of fastening of a child seat;
  • car body variability (station wagon, sedan, hatchback);
  • large trunk;
  • reliability of all dynamic nodes;
  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • trouble-free operation of the engine in any weather;
  • very spacious, comfortable lounge.


Where to buy a good family used car

Our rating of the best family cars will help you decide which car is better to buy, and you can find the best budget option for a modern, comfortable vehicle in all respects, taking into account all your wishes, on our website.

A large selection of family cars in excellent condition and at affordable prices can be found at American auctions. In the US, this type of car is very popular, so finding the perfect option is not difficult.