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In the catalog, you can easily select a car for yourself using filters (body type, model, year of manufacture), taking into account various parameters and characteristics.
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How it works
1. Quick registration
Registration is required to participate in the auction. For verification, you need to upload a photo / screenshots of documents confirming your identity (passport, driver's license). Moderator response time and registration - during the day.
2. Making a deposit
The deposit is the next step to participate in the auction. It is a confirmation of your intention to cooperate. The deposit amount is 10% of the lot value. In the future, these funds will be used to pay for the purchase or customs payments.
3. Search for a car in the catalog and bidding
You have full access to the search for a car in the catalog and participation in the auction. When you have chosen the right option, proceed to bidding, make your own bids during the bidding process and win the auction. If this does not happen, you can return to the search again.
4. Payment
In case of successful bidding, you will receive an invoice for the purchase of a car and make payment according to the invoice within 3 days. Various payment methods are available: Stripe payment system (using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., Apple Pay, Google Pay), through the cash desk of any bank.
5. Delivery. Real time tracking
The buyer can independently track the path of the vehicle - from the parking lot of the auction to the place of arrival. By logging into your personal account, you can find out where the car is at the moment.
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Transaction security

We guarantee reliable protection of your data, instant return of the deposit if the transaction has not been completed.

worldwide shipping

Thanks to efficient logistics, we provide fast delivery of the vehicle to anywhere in the world.

Unique technologies

We have developed the most convenient, functional platform for participating in auto auctions around the world.