Purchase and delivery of cars from America

Many auctions in the US work to export cars to other countries.

Mostly we are talking about Copart, IAAI, Manheim and other similar sites. We are ready to help with the purchase and deliver the car from the USA to Ukraine as soon as possible. The transportation process itself takes place in several stages, namely:

Delivery to the port. It takes several days and is carried out with the help of our container ships and special trawls;

Loading into a container. The equipment collected in the port is loaded onto the ship. All necessary documents are drawn up and the vessel goes to sea;

Before buying, our specialists carry out a complete check of the car, its insurance history and technical condition.

We provide all services within the framework of concluding an official contract, which guarantees financial and legal security.

The prices for the services of our company compare favorably with competitive offers on the market.

Twisted mileage, touch-ups, straightening or replacement of components will not hide from us.

Transportation by sea. It lasts 3-4 weeks depending on weather conditions and a number of other factors.

Immediately upon arrival at the port, the car is unloaded and transported to a special parking lot. The import of a car from the States that we offer includes not only delivery, but also customs clearance. Our help will help you save time and nerves, and our services will cost a very modest amount.

Convenience. We have created not only comfortable conditions for searching for a car, but also an opportunity for each buyer to quickly and profitably buy a car to his taste.