Best Used Electric Cars: Top 10

Best Used Electric Cars: Top 10When buying a used car, people are always looking for inexpensive options that are the best in performance, quite economical to maintain and have excellent condition that will allow you to use the car safely and comfortably in the future. All-electric autos and hybrids are coming to the forefront today as they are the most economical to operate. And in this article, we propose to review the best used electric cars that deserve your attention.

Advantages of electric cars

Why it is advantageous to purchase an electric car:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Depending on the type (electric car or hybrid), they either produce no emissions at all or have low emissions.
  2. Minimal fuel consumption. This is an additional factor of environmental friendliness plus significant savings in operation.
  3. Comfortable driving. Electric cars are dynamic, maneuverable, they start easily and also stop easily, which makes them the most comfortable for driving in the city. In addition, electric cars operate quietly, smoothly, so the ride in them is pleasant and comfortable.
  4. Safety. It is ensured by an effective emergency braking system and a generally more efficient control system supported by electronic assistants.
  5. Ease of charging. The auto can be recharged either at a station or from the home network, making you somewhat independent and saving you time.

The aftermarket has a large number of electric car offers. Here you will find a lot of really cool cars that you can buy for little money.

Top 10 electric cars

To help you choose the best used electric car to buy, we've compiled this ranking, which includes the most efficient, reliable electric cars:

10.) Kia e-Niro.

9.) Renault Zoe.

8.) Nissan Leaf.

7.) Volkswagen e-Golf.

6.) Kia Soul EV.

5.) Jaguar I-Pace.

4.) Tesla Model 3.

3.) Tesla Model S.

2.) BMW i3.

1.) Tesla Model X.

Let's talk about each model in detail.

10th place - Kia e-Niro

Kia e-Niro

This is the best used electric car to buy in its class. It combines a decent level of comfort, high performance, exquisite design, and good cross-country capability.


  • The base configuration is a 134-horsepower electric motor;
  • acceleration to 60 km/h in 9.5 seconds;
  • 39 kWh battery;
  • a range of 180 miles (290 kilometers).


  • useful technologies;
  • practicality - spacious interior and large luggage compartment;
  • 5-star safety according to Euro NCAP and 12th place among 75 car models in terms of a combination of characteristics such as reliability, operating costs, and the quality of the entertainment system.

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9th place - Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe is the best small electric car in our ranking. Compact economical cars have always been popular, so electric cars of compact size immediately became in demand. In 2019, an updated version of the Renault Zoe was released. This model is profitable to buy on the secondary market - after several years of operation, it remains in excellent condition, since high-quality materials, modern technologies are used in its production.  


  • in the base model, 108 hp electric motor;
  • battery capacities of 41 and 52 kWh;
  • 245 miles of range.


  • availability of a selection of motors;
  • high efficiency and good power reserve;
  • option to purchase or rent a battery;
  • Technology - new equipment includes options such as keyless entry, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated seats, climate control, and more.

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8th place - Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf owners were satisfied with their purchase, and Nissan gained even more satisfied customers. The advantage of Nissan Leaf turned out to be not in pretentiousness or luxury. It is simply a car - the way it should be in the driver's mind - affordable, easy to drive, practical, economical to maintain. It is easy to charge, has a spacious interior for 5 people and a voluminous luggage compartment. In 2019, the second generation of Nissan Leaf has already been released.

Characteristics of the new electric car:

  • The modified powertrain generates 148 hp;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h - 7.9 seconds;
  • battery capacity is 40 kWh;
  • range - 168 miles (just over 270 kilometers);
  • Fast charging to 80% capacity takes just an hour, and home charging takes 7.5 hours.

In addition to the standard configuration, Nissan presented in 2019 also the top version of the Leaf with a 214 hp motor, 62 kWh battery capacity, 239 miles (385 km) of range.

Benefits of the Nissan Leaf:

  • perfect for city driving;
  • very quiet and soft running;
  • as easy to operate as possible (single pedal driving);
  • High-tech - equipped with numerous technologies, electronic systems;
  • affordable and cheap to operate.

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7th place - Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

Golf is a car with a long history, during which it remains on the list of the most relevant offers on the world market. Therefore, the release of the electric version of the model was quite natural. The e-Golf electric hatchback remains the ideal city car - comfortable, refined, elegant and easy to drive.


  • electric motor power - 100 kW (136 hp);
  • battery capacity 35.8 kWh;
  • 300 kilometers of range;
  • acceleration to 60 km/h in 9.6 seconds;
  • battery charging time 1 h (fast charging) and 7-10 hours from the mains.


  • high bar of technological equipment for a family city hatchback;
  • handling and dynamics.

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6th place - Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV is the first electric car of this manufacturer intended for mass production. The hatchback was created on the basis of the popular Kia Soul. It impresses at first sight with its extraordinary design. Although the electric version was experimental, it nevertheless attracted a huge attention of buyers.

Model Characteristics:

  • 110 hp electric motor;
  • capacity of lithium-ion batteries - 27 kWh;
  • power reserve - 150-212 km (depending on the driving cycle);
  • acceleration to 60 km/h in 11.2 seconds;
  • top speed is 145 kilometers per hour;
  • charging time from 30 minutes and from 8 hours on the mains.


  • full electrical package;
  • stability of operation in all weather conditions;
  • Aesthetics;
  • ergonomics.

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5th place - Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace

If you're still undecided about which electric car is best to buy, take a look at the Jaguar I-Pace. This unique all-electric crossover is sure to capture your attention. Sleek design, incredible power and a long range are just a fraction of the electric car's advantages. 


  • electric motors with a capacity of 290 kW - 400 hp;
  • battery capacity is 90 kWh;
  • a range of 480 kilometers;
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds;
  • top speed is 200 kilometers per hour.


  • dynamics and speed characteristics;
  • luxurious design, interior and equally luxurious equipment;
  • a rich set of options for electronic aids, active safety systems, electronic control and comfort functions.

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4th place - Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 took the fourth place in the top ten best electric cars. It is considered to be one of the most practical, technological, efficient and relatively affordable electric cars. Like all Tesla models, this one is characterized by impeccable build quality, application of a large number of modern technologies even in the simplest basic configuration. The car has a futuristic design, conservative minimalist interior.

Tesla Model 3 owners highly appreciate the safety systems of the car. Euro NCAP experts also highly appreciated it, awarding it 5 stars in crash tests.

Characteristics (base model):

  • 242 horsepower electric motor;
  • dynamics - acceleration to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds;
  • minimum range of 344 miles (553 kilometers);
  • rear-wheel drive.


  • high performance;
  • long range;
  • technology and comfort.

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3rd place - Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The best electric car Tesla Model S is getting even better every year. It is a practical, dynamic car with a huge range, impressive technologies. Tesla Model S is a sedan of executive class, which has a graceful exterior body with smooth lines and low seating position, spacious interior with leather-trimmed seats, which comfortably accommodates 5 people, a large trunk 709 liters. 

The electric car has been crash-tested by Euro NCAP twice - in 2014 and in 2022 - and both times earned the highest safety rating of 5 stars. 


  • super powerful electric motors - 368 and 568 kW (532 and 751 hp, respectively);
  • battery capacity is 100 kWh;
  • range - 507-632 kilometers;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • acceleration to 100 km/h - 2.3 seconds.

Advantages of the model, according to the owners' reviews:

  • high level of manufacturability;
  • high performance of electric motors;
  • superior safety features;
  • good entertainment system;
  • economical operation.

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2nd place - BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3 is a German electric car, which was produced for 10 years (from 2013 to 2022) and throughout this time remained among the best in terms of design and level of technology. The body of the car is a 5-door, four-seat hatchback with a refined exterior, clear sporty outlines. The interior has seats with comfortable seating for driver and passengers. The luggage compartment is small, only 260 liters, but with folded rear seats it increases up to 1100 liters.

The basic equipment includes heated front seats, BMW branded professional multimedia system, navigation, BMW service and emergency call, as well as BMW traffic information, course stability control, 6 airbags.

In its final version (2019 model year), the BMW i3 has these specifications:

  • efficient electric motor 125 kW, 174 hp;
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds;
  • lithium-ion batteries - 33.2 kWh;
  • 300 kilometers of range.


  • excellent maneuverability, tight turning radius;
  • beautiful interior;
  • easy handling.

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1st place - Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla is the world's most famous electric car manufacturer, and the Tesla Model X is the third model of this brand in our rating and at the same time the best electric car. For true connoisseurs of comfort, speed, electric SUVs Tesla Model X with mileage is the ideal choice. The car has a very spacious interior - depending on the configuration, you can buy a version designed for 6 or 7 seats.

Unlike the other models in our ranking, the Tesla Model X is on the market in many different packages.


  • engine power - 245-568 kW (329-773 hp);
  • power reserve (depending on the modification) - from 402 to 414 km;
  • Acceleration from a standing start to 100 km/h - in 3.2-4.8 sec;
  • four-wheel drive.


  • high level of active and passive safety ;
  • high comfort - the electric car even has a unique air filtration technology with purification from dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses;
  • Unmatched power - Tesla Model X is the world's only electric SUV capable of towing loads up to 2,268 lbs. 

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