Car from the Netherlands to Spain


For a long time I have been thinking about changing my car for something more economical and preferably with an electric motor. I decided that it would be best to import it from abroad. When I started to search, I realized that it is better to turn to specialists who will take care of all the issues of the claim, import and registration of the car for a reasonable fee. I learned about PLC company from my acquaintances. I contacted the manager, signed a contract and the guys started searching for a suitable option for me. They quickly picked up several cars for me. After familiarizing myself with their condition and characteristics, I decided to buy a Jaguar I-Pace. The company quickly processed all the necessary documents and soon came to me in the Netherlands From the pluses I want to note that the company's specialists were always in touch, constantly consulted if I had any questions, and most importantly - the car fully corresponded to the parameters stated before the purchase. I am satisfied with everything. 

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