Best 3-row SUVs: Top 10

Best 3-Row SUVs: Top 10Practical cars are made for large families with lots of stuff and daily tasks. Three-row crossovers also belong to them. You can carry up to eight passengers in them, take with you all the necessary travel or sports equipment. At the same time, crossovers, unlike full-size SUVs, consume less fuel, which means they are more suitable for sensible and practical people. 

Which one is better to buy? After extensive testing and operation, we have compiled a ranking of "The most popular SUVs with 3rd row", which we present to you. Almost all of them are available on an online used car auction where inexpensive used vehicles in good condition are sold.

Best three-row cars: Top 10

Our rankings include:

10th place - Toyota 4Runner

9th place - Hyundai Palisade

8th place - Toyota Highlander Hybrid

7th place - Chevrolet Tahoe

6th place - GMC Acadia

5th place - Volkswagen Atlas

4th place - Dodge Durango

3rd place - Ford Explorer

2nd place - Nissan Pathfinder

1st place - Honda Pilot

In this review, we'll take a closer look at the best 3 row machines - machines with high ratings and large capacity. Let's try to compare them and choose the best one.

10th place - Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner

All the latest versions of the Toyota 4Runner are equipped with a 273-horsepower six-cylinder engine combined with a five-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is not used in all configurations. The exceptions are the modifications that are designed for off-road operation. 

The power plant has enough torque to drive the car in the city and high-speed driving on the highway. The car can be a bit clumsy on asphalt, but it works well on rough terrain. One drawback is gasoline consumption: 16/19 miles per gallon for city/highway cycles. 

This three-row SUV is definitely more civilized than the same Jeep Wrangler, but in comparison with the medium-sized SUVs, it may seem overly slow and noisy. 

The 4Runner is available in two configurations. We are interested in SR5, SR5 Premium, Limited and Nightshade configurations, in which the third row of seats is installed. The first two rows of seats are spacious - there is enough legroom and adult passengers will be comfortable on them. The third row is better reserved for children. 

Characteristics of the Toyota 4Runner:

  • engine power, hp: 273;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 177;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 7,5;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 12,4-13,1.

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9th place - Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade

One of the biggest Korean cars. The dimensions are also felt due to the design. A huge radiator grille with tiered optics contributes to this. A little higher are the running lights, which give the front part aggressiveness. In this model, tiered optics looks very effectively and harmoniously. At the back the car has vertical lights with square sections. The exterior uses little decor: chrome elements along the glazing line, light-colored moldings at the bottom of the doors and on the bumpers.

The power plant can be a gasoline engine with an output of 249 hp or a diesel engine with an output of 200 hp. Acceleration to 100 km for the former takes 8.1 seconds and for the diesel engine - 10.5 seconds. Fuel consumption of the diesel version is 9.6 liters, while that of the gasoline version is 14.9 liters. 

The interior is spacious, and with the light-colored trim it becomes visually even larger. The front panel looks modern. The emphasis is on the large visor around the dashboard and the central tunnel with control unit. 

Features of the Hyundai Palisade:

  • engine power, hp: diesel - 200, gasoline - 249;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 190-210;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 8,1-10,5;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (combined cycle): diesel version - 9.6, gasoline version - 14.9.

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8th place - Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The top-of-the-line SUV with a third row is a car that stands out in its class above all for its fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption in the city and on the highway is the same and amounts to 6.72 liters (35 miles per gallon). All nearest competitors have a much higher figure. This allows the car to travel almost 1,000 km on a single fill-up. 

Due to the new modular platform, the car has significantly improved its driving characteristics and handling. It has McPherson struts in the front and a multi-linkage system in the rear. The engineers managed to lower the center of gravity, and the body is stiffer. 

Even in the basic modifications the car is equipped with three-zone climate control, a powerful media system with an 8-inch display, LED headlights and a whole range of passive and active safety systems. They control blind spots, track traffic in its lane, provide emergency braking, etc. After 2022, all versions of the car are equipped with an electronic stabilization system. 

Specifications of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid:

  • engine power, hp: 245;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 180;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 8,5;
  • fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 6,72.

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7th place - Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe

The full-size SUV was created in the mid-nineties of the last century. The developers' goals are to create a large family car, for which there are no long distances and difficult terrains. The cars are assembled in the state of Texas and boast high reliability, roominess and endurance. 

The exterior is striking in its athleticism - as if we have a statue in front of us, rather than another masterpiece of the automobile industry. The car uses LED headlights and taillights. A very nice innovation in the form of an automatic step with an electric drive and backlighting. It is equipped with cast aluminum wheels R20. 

Externally, the car looks a bit angular, but this feature is emphasized by the designers on purpose. With its size and weight of almost three tons, the car has good aerodynamic qualities and can reach 180 km/h. A special pride of the SUV is its hydroformed frame, which is stronger than any welded construction. 

Chevrolet Tahoe Specifications:

  • engine power, hp: 180-246;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 155-234;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 6,8-10,1;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 10,2.

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6th place - GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

Introduced in 2019, it has undergone several updates that have changed the car for the better. It has rich packages and an unremarkable exterior. The crossover is equipped with fully LED front and rear optics. The latest models have updated bumpers, mirror housings, and even wheel covers. 

From 2022, the Safety Plus Package, which includes adaptive cruise control, collision warning, lane control, all-around cameras, parktronic sensors, etc., is used as standard. 

All versions have differences in body design. For example, the AT4 off-road version is equipped with a black radiator grille, while the Denali has a chrome grille with a three-dimensional effect. The latter also has seats covered in premium leather with perforated inserts, the trim uses high-quality wood décor, and there is a heated second row of seats. 

GMC Acadia Specifications:

  • engine power, hp: 275;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 175;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 8,4;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (city): 10,7-12,4.

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5th place - Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas

The next car in the "Best cars with 3 rows of seats" rating is the Volkswagen Atlas. The car is offered in two versions: two-row and three-row. The version with seven seats is available with captain's chairs in the second row, which reduces the total number to six. Interior design of the car is simple and ideal for family users. Here you will not find refinement in style, but there is room in the cabin for everything a large family needs. 

The volume of the luggage compartment of the SUV is 611 liters, and if you fold down the third row - 1,571 liters. If you fold down all the seats, you get a cargo area with a capacity of 2,741 liters. This is one of the largest trunks in a midsize SUV. 

The interior features a 6.5 or 8-inch display with touchscreen control. The instrument panel is equipped with handy buttons and knobs to control the audio system and climate control.  The car uses the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, a cluster of digital sensors that is located behind the steering wheel and allows you to customize the amount of data you want to display. 

Specifications of the Volkswagen Atlas:

  • engine power, hp: 350, 361;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 190;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 8,9;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 10,7-13,1.

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4th place - Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango

The list of SUVs with the 3rd row is continued by a car with a respectable exterior, size and capacity. No less attractive is the power of the power plant. The car can be equipped with three engines: 210, 230, 335 hp. They are also used in Chrysler and Jeep models.

Everything about this car is done in the American tradition: it's big, strong, moderately luxurious, inexpensive, and doesn't require fuel. The car can tow a load of up to 4 tons. The car is fueled with 87 petrol. It can be four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

The interior has a full electric package, leather upholstery and Infinity audio system. Everything is tastefully done. The steering wheel is height-adjustable and the pedals are adjustable. The doors open up to 90 degrees, and special handrails on the uprights help when boarding. 

Characteristics of the Dodge Durango:

  • engine power, hp: 210, 230, 335;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 180;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 5,3-13,2;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (city cycle): 9-19,6.

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3rd place - Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

Like all American-made SUVs, the Ford Explorer looks very impressive, created using simple forms and when looking at it there are associations with muscle cars. The latest versions use LED headlights, updated radiator grille and bumper.  

Second row passengers have their own climate control and seat heating system. In the central console there are USB-connectors and a 220-volt socket. The third row is most likely designed for children, as adults will not be very comfortable here during long journeys. 

The interior meets all the requirements of a premium-class car. There is leather trim with wooden and chrome decor emphasizing the status of the car, a comfortable "captain's" chair with heating and ventilation, as well as a massage function. 

Ford Explorer Specifications:

  • engine power, hp: 160-457;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 158-238;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 6-14;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 2,9-11,8.

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2nd place - Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder

The best 3-row car is still ahead of us, and its main competitor is the Nissan Pathfinder. An SUV with a solid exterior, which has a lot of charisma and a feeling of an expensive thing. A car with harmony in proportions, equipped with a massive hood, two-part LED optics. The front is adorned by a black grille with a new logo. The car has a moderate amount of chrome elements, 20-inch wheels, and the Pathfinder inscription on the trunk lid.

There is a lot of leather, very high quality plastic and free space in the cabin. It is comfortable to sit on all rows. The dashboard and concise steering wheel, the minimalist central panel, the neat buttons that are pleasant to touch - the first thing that impresses once you are in the cabin. 

The chassis creates all conditions for comfortable driving in all road conditions. Even when thrown on dirt roads or gravel, the crossover allows the passengers to remain at ease. There are presets "Standard", "Sport", "Eco", "Snow", "Sand", "Mud". The only thing that could be changed is the clearance, which could be more for off-road adventures (this model has 194 mm).

Nissan Pathfinder Specifications:

  • engine power, hp: 107-310;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 150-229;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 8-14,0;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 10,2-10,5.

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1st place - Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

The leader of our rating is the Honda Pilot three-row SUV. It is the latest generation, which has become more beautiful and more perfect technically. The novelty has become longer than the previous version by 80 mm, and the distance between wheel hubs has increased by 45 mm. Due to this the car became even more spacious. The front end is equipped with a powerful hood, elegant fog lights, and chrome grille. The latter is made in the form of three horizontal slats, and the uppermost one unites the headlights, thus making the body visually wider. 

From a technical perspective, the new version is a clone of the premium Acura MDX. The platform remains the same, the same suspension is used. The engine is located transversely, the drive is all-wheel drive. The interior is eight seats and looks really premium. High-quality materials are used for finishing, facilely very pleasant. The dashboard is digital, with a color display, and on the center console there is an eight-inch touchscreen of the branded Honda Connect media system. The steering wheel is three-spoke multifunctional, with a good leather braid, audio control buttons and hands-free phone communication in Hands-Free mode. 

Honda Pilot Specifications:

  • engine power, hp: 243-285;
  • maximum speed, km/h: 177-192;
  • acceleration time to 100 km/h, s: 7-9,9;
  • Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km (mixed cycle): 10,2-13,1.

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