How to buy a car from the Netherlands (Holland)

How to buy a car from the Netherlands (Holland)Where in Europe is the most profitable to buy cars? As practice shows, the cheapest used cars are imported to Ukraine from Holland. If you are going there to buy a vehicle, you should know that there is only one auto bazaar for the whole country, which works on Tuesdays. You can find it in Utrecht. There are certain risks here, as well as when buying a used car anywhere in the world. How to bring a car from the Netherlands is the subject of this article. 

What are the benefits of buying a car in the Netherlands

In Utrecht, there is an open car auction in which everyone can participate. As a rule, the prices for cars offered at auction are twice as low as in car dealerships. Vehicles are sold here without technical inspection or pre-sale preparation. 

In general, cars that are sold in Holland are in excellent condition and the reasons for this are obvious:

  • Road quality. Even in vehicles with significant mileage, the undercarriage remains in good condition.
  • Fuel quality. For the most part, local cars are fueled with fuel from a local manufacturer, Shell.
  • Technical inspection. It is performed regularly (once every 2 years) and when necessary, which is quite often - the Dutch are not accustomed to solving any technical problems themselves. You can contact the country's national fleet service for the vehicle's service history, including maintenance and odometer readings.

How to buy a car in Holland

There are several ways to own a car from Holland:

  • automobile lots;
  • dealerships;
  • private individuals;
  • online car auctions. 

Parking lots

We have already mentioned such a site at the beginning of this article, it is located in Utrecht.


This is an opportunity to buy new or almost new cars that are still under warranty from the manufacturer. The cost of such cars is certainly higher. 

In Holland, there are entire car showroom warehouses. These are companies with huge viewing areas, which have workshops, polishing shops, etc. at their disposal. Sales at such dealers are put on a conveyor belt. 

Private individuals

You can buy a car from a private person, but here, of course, there will be no guarantees. But you have an opportunity to communicate with the owner of the car and, if the circumstances are right, get detailed information about the car.

Online car auctions

The easiest and at the same time reliable way to buy a car in Holland. PLC Auction is just such an online platform, which provides an opportunity not only to choose a vehicle, but also provides services for delivery of the car to any address. Specialists of the company inspect the selected car to determine its actual technical condition. You can also check the history of the car by VIN-code, using a special service.  

For the buyer, the process is very simple: he chooses a car and if his bid is higher than others, he becomes the winner of the auction. Inspection of the car, planning of delivery, execution of documents - all the stages of the purchase process lie with PLC Auction.

It is possible to drive the car yourself, but it will require the buyer not only to personally participate in the transaction, but also to execute all documents, pay fees and taxes, and plan the delivery independently. This requires time and relevant experience, which will help to avoid mistakes. 

Drawing up documents for exporting a car from Holland

The first document you will need is an export declaration. This is a certificate confirming that the vehicle is on the vehicle register for export. To get the certificate you will need the following documents:

  • vehicle specification and technical data;
  • a document indicating the owner of the vehicle at the time of its sale;
  • a document for the right to re-register the machine. 

You will also need an export certificate for export, which confirms your right to receive detailed information on the vehicle. The certificate includes technical data, maintenance period, date of first registration. 

When a vehicle is registered for export, its license plates become invalid and are destroyed. The buyer needs to buy export license plates with which he will deliver the vehicle to its destination. They are valid for 14 days. Export plates are issued in the presence of a certificate of technical inspection. 

How to buy a car in Holland: all the steps

How to buy a car in HollandLet's consider how to move a car from Holland to Latvia and Ukraine. After buying a car, the buyer must visit RDW (Department of Motor Vehicles) and provide such documents:

  • passport or a document confirming identity;
  • license plate number;
  • the certificate of sale;
  • registration certificate (Part A and Part 1B);
  • a copy of the vehicle registration card for vehicles manufactured in 2014 and later.

If the buyer is a legal entity, in addition to the documents already listed, you will need:

  • a power of attorney from an authorized person;
  • a copy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry statement.

After submitting the documents to the RDW, you have to pay a state fee of 10 euros, after which the department will deregister the car. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles issues the following documents:

  • certificate of deregistration;
  • registration certificate (part 1B);
  • the second part of the registration certificate for export (required for registration on the territory of Ukraine and Latvia).

After receiving the documents, the buyer has two weeks to drive to the border. During this period, the vehicle is insured and there is no need to pay road tax. 

After the car is deregistered in the Netherlands, you need to buy license plates for transit. They are produced by special companies or by yourself. In the latter case, it must be a material resistant to external aggressive influences, and the inscription must be made in black on a white background. 

Before entering the territory of his country, the owner of a car must submit a preliminary customs declaration. This is an electronic document that authorizes you to enter the customs zone. Immediately before entry, a General Declaration of Arrival must be submitted - without it, the customs service may not allow you to enter the country. Also, when crossing the border in Ukraine, customs officers may require you to make a written declaration of goods. 

You must obtain a Euro-3/Euro-5 certificate of conformity before registering the vehicle. After crossing customs, the buyer has 5 to 10 days to deliver the car to the internal customs and remove it from customs control. The last stage is to register the car at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

As you can see, the road to the moment when you become the owner of a car from Holland is long and winding. Trust the whole process to PLC auction staff and just wait for your car at home.
Top 5 most popular cars to buy in Holland:

Now on to what cars are most commonly bought in Holland: 

  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Renault Clio
  • Opel Corsa
  • Ford Focus
  • Audi A3

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

The updated version became completely different from the previous generation, but still you can find signs of the family. The exterior remained conservative, but still as attractive. The lines of head optics have become more aggressive, and exterior mirrors have become narrower, which somewhat reduced the view.

The seventh generation was based on a proprietary modular design. At the front are MacPherson struts with an aluminum subframe and support bearings. The rear suspension depends on the selected powertrain. Less powerful versions are equipped with a semi-independent beam, and the rest are equipped with multi-lever suspension. 

Everything in the cabin is sporty and the center console turned to the driver and beveled steering wheel have a great influence on it. As always, very high quality finishing materials are used in the interior. Comfort is provided by modified armchairs with lateral support, which are comfortable for people with any complexion. Innovative ergoActive seats with an extended range of adjustments are available as an option.

View Volkswagen Golf from the Netherlands

Renault Clio

Renault Clio

It is one of the most popular cars on the aftermarket. Five-seater subcompact hatchback Renault Clio with a very expressive and charismatic exterior, which has sporty features. Auto is very similar to a coupe due to the integrated rear door handles.  The sporty character is given off by the bulging wheel arches and very low ground clearance.

Ergonomics, functionality and comfort are captivating from the first minutes. The car is equipped with an advanced multimedia system, multifunctional and intuitive equipment control system, digital speedometer. Several interior color options are available: blue, black, red, brown. 

The car has a large set of safety systems, which makes driving it as safe as possible. A strong body makes the car more reliable. In crash tests, the car received 5 stars. The manufacturer equips the car with one of three engines, one of which is diesel. 

View Renault Clio from the Netherlands

Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa

A car with automatic transmission that is perfectly maneuverable and economical. It is the model with the longest wheelbase and elastokinematic suspension. This makes it very easy to drive. Active safety systems include airbags, a system of automatic pedal disengagement in the event of an accident, and belts with pyrotechnic pretensioners. 

As a real German, the Opel Corsa is well thought out in every detail, so it is comfortable for both driver and passengers. The steering wheel can be adjusted precisely to your needs. The same applies to the seats, which provide comfort regardless of the physique. The steering column is equipped with electric power steering. The cabin is equipped with a dual air filter, heating system, and air conditioning. 

View Opel Corsa from the Netherlands

Ford FocusFord Focus


One of the most sought-after cars, which has not lost ground to competitors for many years. It is the best-selling car in Europe. On the secondary market, the third generation of the model, which appeared in 2010, is in demand. This version of the Ford Focus is the same for all countries to which it was delivered. The basis for the car is an updated platform of the second generation, equipped with multi-lever suspension.

It is equipped with EcoBoost power units, automatic, manual or robotized transmission, as well as variator. For comfortable driving it is equipped with electric power steering. It is equipped with side airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP and so on. Maximum speed varies depending on the equipment and reaches 224 km/h.

View Ford Focus from the Netherlands

Audi A3

Audi A3

The first model was created in 1996, and in 2020 the company released the fourth generation of the car. It is produced in "sedan" and "hatchback" bodies. In the latest generation, the car is offered in a five-door version, and the manufacturer has abandoned the three-door version altogether. 

The exterior design of the car has fundamentally changed, although the style in general remains. This is the merit of headlights, taillights. In the front part of the A3 is equipped with air intakes of a new shape, and on the grille appeared "honeycomb". In the headlights, LED strips have become more noticeable. The interior of the latest model has been completely updated and there is nothing left from the previous version.

A wide range of engines can be used as powertrains. These are 4 gasoline and 2 diesel units. They can be combined with a manual or robotized transmission. The base is a gasoline motor with an output of 110 hp, and the senior in the lineup is an engine with an output of 150 hp. 

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