Best Used SUVs: Top 10

The Best Used SUVs: Top 10Modern SUVs have become cheaper to maintain and more fuel efficient. But these are not the main reasons for their growing popularity every day. There are at least three reasons why we prefer an SUV, even if we plan to use it within the city boundaries.

First, the SUV has a more comfortable interior. It has enough "air" and passengers feel comfortable even on the rear seats, and some models have an additional third row of seats.

Secondly, the driver in such a car has a higher seating position, so it is easier to control the road situation, which increases safety. Getting in and out of an SUV is much more comfortable than in a sedan.

And, finally, thirdly, SUVs are in demand in the market, they have a higher resource, so it is easier to sell a car with mileage and you can do it for good money.

Best used SUVs to buy 

Our review is based on real user reviews and car reliability ratings. Its participants:

  • Skoda Kodiaq (2021 - 2023)
  • Mazda CX-5 (2017 - 2021)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan (2020 - 2023)
  • Hyundai Tucson (2015-2021)
  • BMW X5 (2018-...)
  • Volvo XC40 (2017 - 2022)
  • Nissan Qashqai (2017-2020)
  • Ford Kuga (2019 - 2023)
  • Toyota RAV4 (2015-...)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2007-2021)

So, which used SUVs are better to buy - let's take a closer look at each member of the review.

Skoda Kodiaq (2021 - 2023)

Skoda Kodiaq

A practical family SUV with features that make it a versatile vehicle. It has a number of advantages that allow it to be a leader in this category of vehicles. 

Perhaps it is not the brightest representative of the family in a row with such competitors as Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and Seat Tarraco, but it deserves close attention. It attracts high build quality and premium trim materials, comfortable controls, which are much more reliable than popular today touch buttons. 

The front two rows of the car are spacious enough even for tall passengers, but the third row is better left for children. As in other Skoda models, Kodiaq has a lot of interesting solutions. For example, an ice scraper, which is located in the fuel tank door or compartments for umbrellas, as in Rolls-Royce (both front doors have such compartments, and umbrellas are included in the delivery set)

Because of the installed third row of seats, the luggage compartment becomes not so useful, but the situation changes if you fold the seats. Skoda Kodiaq is very comfortable to drive. High landing and a large windshield provide good visibility. Management is as comfortable as possible, so any maneuvers you can do. While driving at low speeds, the suspension may seem a little stiff, especially on difficult road sections, but on a smooth highway it works perfectly.

By the way, the Skoda Kodiaq will soon be available on the market on electric traction with a range of 600 km. It is still the same mid-size crossover with a futuristic design, but more friendly to the environment. 

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Mazda CX-5 (2017 - 2021)

Mazda CX-5

In the opinion of many - the best used SUV to buy, which has gained popularity due to high indicators of comfort, safety and reliability. Was released in 2017 and since then the love for it has only grown. The high cost of a new vehicle is offset by great performance, and the reliability and long service life make these vehicles attractive to aftermarket buyers.

The powertrain is a 150 hp gasoline motor. The maximum speed reaches 189 km/h, and you can accelerate to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds. Fuel consumption is no more than 8.8 liters per 100 km, and in the city - 6.9 liters. 

The car with a sporty appearance is equipped with an automatic transmission with six stages and depending on the configuration can have front or all-wheel drive. The cabin is comfortable for 5 passengers. Safety is controlled by EuroNCAP system, thanks to which passengers and driver can feel confident and calm even in a critical situation. 

The Mazda CX-5 infotainment system allows you to use your smartphone to listen to Internet radio stations, read and reply to text messages, and listen to your favorite songs via Bluetooth.

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Volkswagen Tiguan (2020 - 2023)

Volkswagen Tiguan

One of the best-selling SUVs, which before the 2020 restyling came in three packages, but now there are four: Respect, Status, Exclusive and R-Line. In the Respect configuration, the car can be delivered with manual and automatic transmission. In other versions, the car is equipped with a 7-speed automatic robotized transmission.

In the Status configuration, the car is distinguished by exterior design: chrome trim on the side windows, silver-colored roof rails. The Exclusive modification includes adaptive projection-type optics, Light Assist and Lane Assist, chrome elements in the exterior. In the R-Line configuration the car will look more presentable - this version is characterized by exclusive design.

The car comes only with gasoline engines. These are 1.4-liter motor (125 hp) with an automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, 1.4-liter (150 hp) paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, front or all-wheel drive), 2-liter (180 hp) with a 7-speed automatic DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive or 2-liter (220 hp) with a 7-speed automatic DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive.

The best used SUVs also have shortcomings. Users of Volkswagen Tiguan most often tell about high oil consumption, short-lived water pump, insufficiently reliable robotized gearbox DSG (after restyling their reliability has increased significantly).

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Hyundai Tucson (2015-2021)

Hyundai Tucson

An all-purpose vehicle that most people use to get around town. Hyundai Tucson very often becomes the answer to the question, which SUV is better to buy. The car is distinguished by a high level of comfort and controllability, while it is compact and maneuverable, which is very important in the city. It behaves well on any road surfaces.

Hyundai Tucson is a stylish and functional car, which nevertheless remains the most affordable on the market. It has a spacious interior, a full set of safety systems, including side airbags, safety curtains, belt pretensioners, and frontal airbags. The car is powered by a 2.7-liter or 2-liter engine with 175 and 142 hp, respectively.

Among the shortcomings: jerks when working 7-speed robotized transmission, squeaking rear brake systems, wear of hub bearings after a mileage of 70 thousand kilometers.

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BMW X5 (2018-...)


In 2018, the fourth generation of the legendary model was released. The basis for it became a modular platform with double wishbone suspension in the front and multi-lever suspension at the rear. The updated car has electrically controlled shock absorbers, electromechanical stabilizers of transverse stability. Steel and aluminum are used to manufacture the body, which allowed to achieve higher strength and reduce weight. 

The model retains the characteristic features of the range, although in each version it acquires something new, giving it individuality. Special attention is paid to details and design elements are no exception. The front part is equipped with a massive radiator grille, complements the image with 22-inch alloy wheels. In the cabin there is an opportunity to customize the air aromatization system, and a special atmosphere is created by a panoramic glass roof.

The main disadvantage of the car drivers unanimously consider expensive maintenance. 

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Volvo XC40 (2017 - 2022)

Volvo XC40

The most compact and best used SUV at an affordable price. This midsize crossover is the smallest in the manufacturer's lineup, and it is also considered the most interesting copy. XC40 appeared on the market at the end of 2017. The compact SUV occupies the first places in sales in the model range of the company. 

The car is based on the P2 platform, which is used in other models of this manufacturer. Expressive design, which is emphasized by clear lines of the body, accentuating the grille, adding brutality to the appearance. There are 5 seats in the cabin, which is quite enough for an average family. There is enough space on the rear seats to install a child seat and safely transport a child. For a safe trip of adult passengers, there are belts and pillows. 

The 479-liter luggage compartment is complemented by roof rails that allow you to carry large loads on the roof. A clever storage system in the cabin allows you to store all the little things, so everything important will always be at hand.

Among the minuses most often indicate insufficiently qualitative standard audio system, noise insulation.

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Nissan Qashqai (2017-2020)

Nissan Qashqai

A compact SUV with fuel consumption no higher than that of a hatchback.  To this undoubted advantage can be added another advantage for ownership - it is low operating costs. The most popular are versions with front-wheel drive. Even with dynamic and aggressive driving Nissan Qashqai will please with small rolls and responsive control. It is equally comfortable to move on it both on a smooth highway, and on a dirt road. Rear seat passengers may find the suspension a bit stiff, but in general, it behaves well on all types of road surfaces. 

Among the main disadvantages: rapid wear of struts in the front suspension, wear of shock absorbers after 150 thousand km.  

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Ford Kuga (2019 - 2023)

Ford Kuga

Keyless access and trunk door control, a wide range of seat adjustments, leather interior trim - these will be the most vivid impressions after getting acquainted with Ford Kuga. In the top versions the car is equipped with a rearview camera, which turns on when driving backwards, windshield wipers and headlights, which are activated by special sensors. A special atmosphere is created by Ambient Lighting, which complements the interior design well. It is equipped with 136 and 150 hp engine paired with automatic transmission or manual in earlier versions. Accelerates up to 182 km/h and consumes no more than 6.3 liters of fuel in the mixed cycle.

Among the shortcomings: slow operation of the automatic transmission, incorrect operation of the multimedia system, comfort level. 

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Toyota RAV4 (2015-...)

Toyota RAV4

Our top of used SUVs continues with one of the most technically equipped models, which is equipped with such features as automatic light switching system from high beam to low beam, driver's seat position memory, collision avoidance function. 

Toyota RAV4 embodies the advanced concept of combining off-road capability with the comfort of a passenger car. This model became the founder of a new segment of crossovers, setting the direction in car design. The fifth generation is available in the following configurations: XLE, XSE, RAV4 Hybrid, Adventure, Limited.

Among the disadvantages, users point out the rigid suspension, low ground clearance.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2007-2021)

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Our ranking of the "Best SUVs on the aftermarket" is rounded out by a regular contributor to such reviews. Its last generation was presented in 2008. The base for it was a modified platform of the 120 series model. To complete the SUV is used a large line of gasoline motors with a volume from 2.7 to 4 liters and diesel - from 2.8 to 3 liters. The manufacturer offers three- and five-door versions, including seven-seat versions with a third row of seats.

In the base version, the model is equipped with rain sensors, light sensors, powerful audio system, keyless entry and start system, parktronic and rearview camera. The most popular configurations are: Premium, Prestige, GR Sport.

In the Premium version, the car is equipped with rear and front aerodynamic bumpers, 20-inch alloy wheels, steering wheel with decorative inserts. Prestige is the simplest of the described configurations. Unlike the Premium configuration, there is a travel mode switch, and the third row of seats is equipped with folding backrests. The GR Sport version features 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, illuminated seating area in the cabin and a luggage compartment curtain. This equipment includes a body position stabilization system, as well as differentials with locking.

Among the disadvantages most often talk about the high oil consumption in the diesel version of the car, pump failure after a mileage of 50 thousand kilometers, insufficiently high resistance of paintwork. 

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